2019 7DRL

Octarine is a wand zapping roguelike.
With a variety of spells to learn and master, travel through the dungeon dimension and face great challenges

Inspiration from Cinqo Paus , Haque and Discworld.


  • Arrow keys to move,
  • Z to aim, then Arrow keys to fire
  • Z to reload a wand when empty (must be on a rune)
  • X to change item
  • Enter / Select to pause


  • All  spells have a secondary tactical effect (stun, entangle or knockback etc) not all of which are obvious.
  • Stand on a rune to recharge an empty wand, or gain a heart

Open source code can be found here

7DRL Challenge Evaluation can be found here https://itch.io/jam/7drl-challenge-2019/rate/379373

Development log


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I love the look and the animations!  It was hard to tell how to pick up new wands but I figured it out.  I can't figure out what the starting wands do other than damage, but maybe thats part of the experience like in Cinco Paus.

Thanks, all the wands have a secondary effect which provide more tactical options. The earth wand will stun an enemy if they are up against a wall for example.